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CAREERS | The Vodafone Challenge at Raynes Park High School

Raynes Park High School’s entire Year 9 group took part in the launch of this unique careers programme, developed and delivered by Engaging Education




Working in teams, pupils will research the concept of a board game, recognise what constitutes a great product and understand the core elements behind the key careers education information and guidance (CEIAG) topic areas; this will then be applied to the development of an engaging board game resource.

This digital project demonstrates a true ‘student voice’. The aim of the programme is for learners to develop and apply an improved working knowledge of the following areas:

Mental Wellbeing: Understanding the risks and rewards associated with financial decisions.

Preparation For Modern Life: Developing and applying transition skills from learning to work, through interview and

CV advice, job searches and key financial terminology.

Independent Careers Guidance: The exploration of varied career routes and development of the skills needed to access jobs and reach their individual potential.

Aspirations: Raise aspirations, life skills and careers education amongst all participating young people.

Soft Skills: Develop the teamwork, literacy, numeracy and key life skills amongst the participating pupils.

Legacy Resources: Produce end-products and resources to be implemented within PHSE /careers/lesson time across the School.

The challenge will also satisfy the following Ofsted criteria:

Deliver ‘Leading Learning’: Implementing varied methods of teaching to improve learning outcomes.

External Engagement: Utilising external engagement partnerships and collaboration with an external organisation (as part of school improvement passage).

Attainment and Engagement: Deliver ambitious and challenging learning activities to improve attainment and engagement amongst hard to reach pupils.

The challenge is broken down into a launch event and six individual lesson plans.


To find out more about the opportunity please enquire at: