Harnessing collective power to impact the right young people in the right way.

BECSLink’s Education Social Impact Consultancy will set your school on the pathway to sustainable fundraising.


A united education sector aids sustainable development

We believe in the social value of the work you do.


Building cross-sector communities

We help schools connect with each other, businesses and other organisations that share ideals and goals, and then provide the tools, guidance and framework to ensure our BECSLink Communities sustain their impact in the long term.


Unleashing the positive potential of the circular economy

This is achieved by providing access to unique learning, marketing, and fundraising opportunities, and providing on-going support and guidance.

We also help arrange and co-ordinate community outreach programmes that focus on skills shortages and improve teaching and learning. All of this, while assisting you in marketing your school in appropriate ways with a strategic focus on:


to enable all to see that your school is at the heart of supporting its community


to support enhanced learning opportunities within the School and beyond especially through Teacher CPD, Outreach and areas of High Performance


to increase the student roll from the local community and beyond; to enable the recruitment of staff as a result of areas of high performance


to raise funds internally and externally for the Programmes, People & Projects you already run and aspire to provide




BECSLink’s role as the social mobility network, together with their partners, are helping us supply outstanding resources and learning opportunities for students and teachers not only from Lichfield Cathedral School, but also from other local schools.”
— Sue Hannam, Headteacher, Lichfield Cathedral School