The Social Mobility Network



Your corporate social responsibility investment holds great potential to change the lives of young people whilst benefitting your bottom line.

BECSLink’s social impact consultancy can unlock that potential.

It is our ambition to ignite the interest of young people in optical science so that we may inspire the students of today to realise their ambition.

Zeiss Vision Care UK is delighted to be working in partnership with BECSLink in delivering an element of our CSR which is perfectly aligned with our corporate goals and is encouraging those with potential to have the opportunity to aspire to a science based career.
— Andrew Leong-Son | General Manager, Zeiss Vision Care UK

Changing the language of giving

we speak your language

Charity sponsorship is an investment of time + resource like any other and we believe those businesses making positive contributions to society should see a triple bottom line return.

Our rigorous, data-backed, approach to measuring + reporting the impact of your funding ensures that your CSR investment produces tangible outcomes aligned with your corporate values.

Combining professional experience, social intent + a deep rooted understanding of the education sector our delivery framework leads the way in translating between social impact + business goals.

the opportunity

Funding + supporting an education initiative places your business at the heart of community and generates social capital clearly visible to all your stakeholders.

  • Impact reporting - our dynamic data capture tools and dashboards enable us to produce quantitative and qualitative reports, giving you direct ownership of social impact data

  • Employee Engagement - tailored programmes and delivery frameworks provide positive experiences for your staff whilst our suite of surveys help you to measure their attitudes and engagement over time, increasing long-term productivity for your business

  • Media content - unique promotional content bring your corporate values to life for all your stakeholders


BECSLink designs + professionally manages a bespoke educational framework appropriate to the resources + aligned to the values of your business:

  1. We use intuitive data analysis to help you define + identify your target beneficiaries within an existing BECSLink community or by creating a new one local to you

  2. You agree the metrics for success + we design a bespoke pathway aligned to your corporate values and appropriate to your designated resources

  3. We deliver high quality events + professionally manage the engagement of volunteers

  4. We produce media content + impact reports to bring your organisation’s values to life for all stakeholders

Education experts

With over 40 years’ experience working in schools and managing events we know exactly what it takes to run successful and high impact programmes. We professionally manage the entire initiative to ensure your brand’s impact is maximised and risks minimised.

Making effective + efficient use of your CSR investment our educational delivery framework embeds a culture of ambition + optimism in schools.